Olga Santoni

Olga Santoni is a women’s fashion brand that is currently growing and winning over the public in almost one thousand multi-brand stores due to the know-how from its wealth of experience and high-level skills and the commercial impulse from its team. The high quality of garment-making and logistics, together with exquisite after-sale service, are creating great loyalty among our customers. The Olga Santoni brand is well known and highly esteemed in Spain, and its renown is increasing on the international market.

Our Collections

Each winter or summer, we create a new collection with a great knowledge of fashion trends that anticipates the designs sure to succeed in sales during the season. Three different garment lines include knit design for all sorts of occasions, from the most elegant and refined styles from the line OLGA SANTONI WOMAN, through the most casual items from OLGA SANTONI SPORT, to the pret-a-porter from OLGA SANTONI T-SHIRT. All of them created with the best spinning and the most modern weaving processes.

Our Market

Multi-brand boutiques specializing in women’s styles will find in us a supplier of successful collections, with the best service, the best after-sale service and the most exquisite sales support.


Our collections are marketed each season thanks to our network of agents. Spain, Portugal and France are our traditional markets, but thanks to our effective sales management we have new markets throughout the European Union, Eastern Europe, Asia and North America.


Always the best in style, in design, and in clothing production, in marketing, in advertising, in distribution, in logistics and in after-sales service. The best, always.